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Changing V6 Spark Plugs

Question: I recently bought a Fiero GT (6 cyl AT). It needs work to get it started (fuel pump and injectors along with the spark plugs). The pump and injectors are no problem but the is the first 6 cyl Fiero I have had and it looks like I have to drop the engine to change the plugs. PLEASE tell me there is an easier way.

Answer: Unless you know where they are by feel, they are just difficult to see. For easy access, remove both heat grilles, unplug the trunk release wire, and take the 4 bolts out that hold the trunk to the hinge. Lift the trunk off and you can see and reach the plugs easily. To put the trunk back on, put the 4 bolts back in loosely, close the decklid and "thunk" it back in alignment (this is quicker then trying to mark where the bolts were). Then tighten the bolts through the area of the heat grilles. Open the decklid and reinstall the heat grilles. Doesn't take very much extra time and gives LOTS of extra room to the forward side of the engine.

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