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Clutch Fork Removal

Question: I have a question about the installation of a new clutch fork. I have an '85 SE with the 2.8 four speed. My fork went and took the throw out bearing with it. I hunted around and couldn't find a new clutch fork anywhere, so I ordered one from the Fiero Store. I thought that it was a pretty expensive part, but it was all I could find at the time. My question concerns the procedure for removing the old shaft. About all I can figure out is to cut the old shaft in half and take it out that way. I am assuming that I will have to remove the old bushing and then install the new fork from inside the bell housing. After the fork is in place, I think that I will then have to install the new bushing over the fork shaft and press it into the housing. Does that sound right? I have looked at my Haynes manual and it just says remove and replace. Unless I am really missing something obvious, I can't think of any other way of getting the old fork out and the new bushings in.

Answer: In lieu of a special tool, we use a deepwell socket that fits snuggly over the shaft. Then we had to grind down the outside of the socket to fit the bushing bore. That allows driving the bushing to the INSIDE of the bellhousing. There is then enough clearance to lift the fork shaft out of the bottom bushing and tilt the shaft for removal, again from inside the bellhousing. When the new shaft is installed, the bushing is driven in from the outside using the socket. There is a dust seal on the outside. It is rather useless since most of what binds the shaft is clutch dust from the inside.

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